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Aiming to produce and continuously improve a better quality, our brands reveal our intentions.

“Authentic Sense of Home Dining”

The Global Symbolic was created to express our intention to be the world of quality. With special material, glaze and skillful craftsmanship, each item was specially created the characteristic of household collections which surely fulfill customer the quality of life.

“Exceptional Way of Gastronomic Delight”

The Baralee Symbolic implies the magnificent dimension. Unique design and fitting performance serving Ho.Re.Ca. business, we proudly offer customer the existence of universal and timeless philosophy of taste.

“Memorable magnificent dining experience”

The beauty of our tableware collection stems from our skillful and experienced design on both patterns and shapes which are functional and aesthetically pleasing. The shape range is from Classical, Casual and Contemporary looks. We have invested extensive research and development on trends and product designs to serve our customer the "BEST"                                                                    
eautiful Body
E xquisite Embossment
S plendid Style
T angible Thought


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